Rubin Quartet:
Helena Sladkova - 1st violin
Eva Petru - 2nd violin
Milada Gajdova - violoncello
Josef Sanitrak / Jaroslav Friedl - guitar
The Rubin Quartet

The ensemble, with its nontraditional instrumental arrangement of two violins, a guitar and a violoncello, was founded in 1999.

The Rubin Quartet does not confine itself to music from previous historical epoques and styles, such as that of baroque, classical and the romantic era. A large part of its repertoire comprises favourites from swing, musical and movie melodies, along popular and perennial songs.

The sound of string instruments is complemented by the rhythmically harmonious foundation of a guitar to create imaginative arrangements. The first violinist's singing also makes the Rubin Quartet performances quite unique.

Many years of interpretational experience and the technical maturity of the Quartet's members are bound to impress at concert performances and social events.

The performances are charged with energy and the joy of music playing.