7.9.2013 – Ledeburska garden

Dear Ms. Petru,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful music! Everyone there was captivated!!! You also fulfilled my personal dream. I would like to ask if it’s possible to buy a CD from you with the music you played for us?
We are going on our honeymoon to Rome in a few moments.

Best regards,
Eva and Peter Lukes
7.7.2013 – Vrtbovska garden

Good day,
We wanted to belatedly give our thanks to your quartet for your wonderful accompaniment of our whole wedding ceremony. You played beautifully!
Good luck in the future!

Greetings from the Vorechovsky family.
12.12.2012 - Liblice Chateau

Good evening,
We were looking through the many photos from our wedding day and decided to warmly thank you for the wonderful melodies during our momentous occasion. Listening touched our hearts and your beautiful music added color to the atmosphere at the chateau. Unfortunately we weren’t able to come to your concert on Saturday as we had planned and which we had received as one of our wedding presents for our romantic weekend stay. We wish you a pleasant Advent and we are looking forward to meeting again at some future event, maybe even at our chateau.

Warm thanks from the newlywed Kölbov family.
Sychrov Chateau

Dear Ms.,
We want to thank you and your colleagues from the Rubin Quartet once more for the nice musical experience and in addition, for practicing and playing the song Book of Love during your performance at our wedding in Vrtbovska Garden on 25 May, 2012.
We wish you a lot of luck.

Best regards, Martina and Honza Ledecky
18.6.2011 – Sychrov Chateau

Dear Ms. Petru,
I’d first like to send warm greetings and wish you a nice Monday evening after a demanding wedding weekend. I would like to thank you and the whole quartet for taking part in the wedding of Ms. Dudlova and Mr. Whit, who personally told us that the evening turned out perfectly. Everyone admired your wonderful performance and very much appreciated your approach to the whole event. Once more I thank you all and hope we have another chance to meet!!!

Friendly greetings,
Michael Smolka
27.7.2014 - Liblice Chateau

Dear Rubin Quartet,

Wedding of Nespor and Day

We would like to thank you all for playing so delightfully and professionally at the wedding of Emma and Radek. We had all listened to and thoroughly enjoyed the quality of your music on your YouTube video, and we were thrilled when you said that you would be able to perform for us. The presence of the Rubin Quartet at the Wedding Breakfast and the exceptional quality of your fine music made it a magical occasion for all concerned.

With kind regards,
Susan and Michael Day